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Practice success starts with efficient communication

eagleReminders can help you achieve just that and more



Communicate Efficiently With Your Patients

Communication with patients is one of the most important factors in success of a dental practice.
Old school method of calling each patient isn't effective anymore and it consumes lot of human hours.

This is where eagleReminders comes in play.
It allows you to communicate with your patients via email and text messages.




Appointment Reminders

Automatic appointment reminders
via email and text message.

Recall Reminders

Automatic email and text
message reminders to patients due for their recall appointments.

Reactivate Dormant Patients

Get in touch with paitents who haven't been in for their dental visit for a while. It's easier to activate domant patients than aquiring new paitents.

Quick Fill | Unscheduled Patients

Don't let patients fall through
crack. Frequently remind them
to reschedule their appointments.

Get Online Reviews

Send emails with direct link to your online business profile to patients to get their reviews. Online reviews play bigger than ever role in getting your name out there.

Treatment Plan Reminders

Let's be honest. People are busy and it's easy to forget to schedule a dental appointment to get their pending treatments done.


Graphs & Reports

  • Access various practice data in graphical reprensentaion to get better understanding of your practice performance
  • Chart note audit report to verify chart notes written by the doctor
  • Billing audit report to make sure correct ADA code was billed for treatment performed by the doctor
  • View employee timesheets. Email employee payroll.
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